Saturday Program


17:00 - 18:00 BÄR
18:00 - 19:00 Unkle Kook
19:00 - 20:00 The Gulls
21:00 - 22:00 Lebron Johnson

Bella Park

14:00 - 16:00 Breakdance Jam
17:00 - 18:00 Holloway Blues Band
18:00 - 18:30 Galirò
19:00 - 20:30 Gambia OneFamily
19:00 - 20:00 Frau Ludwig


Friedrich Ebert Platz

BÄR is an adventurer, from head to toe. The so called “artpop adventurer” grew up in Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Germany, and Thailand. In 2018 the Heidelberger and young family man made a groundbreaking decision: to leave behind his job as a teacher and begin a new life as an independent, autonomous singer-songwriter and musician.
 After playing support for the likes of Joris (Germany), Moddi (Norway), and headlining a variety of his own shows, he is on to publishing his next art adventure: MAGIC TEA. Eight warm and catchy songs enhanced with elements of folk bring back the closeness and intimacy we all missed during the pandemic. BÄR’s motto: face complex issues head on and translate them in a musically minimalistic way to restore a sense of balance. The enchanting part is that MAGIC TEA is not just an album but also a magical, color-changing tea that accompanies it. As the bewitching colors play in the tea they entwine themselves with the individualistic music to create an atmosphere of relaxation, peace, and equilibrium. It combines sound, taste, sight, touch and smell into a multi-sensory experience that evokes the feeling of a long-loved ritual.

Unkle Kook

Friedrich Ebert Platz

Unkle Kook takes root in 2019, five musicians from different genres but who have found a common interest in surf music. The project was born in Bologna (Italy) and is made up of Andrea Faidutti (guitar/vocals), Giuseppe Calcagno (Guitar/vocals), Alex Ascione (tenor sax), Fabio Arcifa (Bass/vocals) and Manuel Franco (Drums/percussion) . In June 2021 their first single Surf in Maremma was released followed by Polkaina published by the Brutture Moderne label which in the same year will release an EP entitled Surf Beat. After the release of the EP (17 December 2021) the band performs in numerous live shows including Reset festival (BL); Time in Jazz 2023 (SS); SunDonato Festival (BO); Suner Festival (Emilia Romagna). 2022 is a profitable year, upon returning in the summer the band works on new songs and returns to the studio with the intention of producing their first album to be released in May 2023 entitled Coming In Bunches. In the same year they released two singles Shark Spottin’ (August 2022) and Sert beat (December 2022). Unkle Kook, since the birth of their project, have performed in several live shows along the Italian peninsula, therefore they have made the live show their icon of an energetic and elegant style at the same time. If surf music was a starting point, it certainly did not determine a limit, leaving room for a composition that is often surprising compared to the canons of style. The sound remains very electric, reverberated guitars and a sax that works at breakneck speed. Unkle Kook presents itself as a mostly instrumental band that ranges from surf music; psychedelic rock; rock roll; Calypso; Cumbia. In the studio everything is recorded live on tape in the Duna studio (RA).

The Gulls

Friedrich Ebert Platz

Blending high energy rock, funk, folk and psychedelia, with fearless charisma; if Freddie Mercury, John Frusciante and John Bonham formed a band it would probably sound like The Gulls.

The power trio have made waves on the UK underground scene since 2022. Known for amassing large crowds at unauthorized outdoor concerts and wild publicity stunts; they’ve played on the back of moving vehicles, hauled a full PA up Glastonbury Tor, and created utter chaos outside Glasgow nightclubs at 3am.

Always on the edge and hard to predict, their rebellious flair has earned them a loyal fan base as well as a record deal in 2023 with Steven Machat’s (Ozzy Osbourne, Yung Lean, Soft Cell, Peter Gabriel) SSK records.

Their most successful single to date “Freedom” epitomizes their rebellious, ‘can-do’ attitude and earned them pride of place in Spotify’s Funky Heavy Bluesy playlist.

In 2022 they pioneered The Robin Hood Tour; a free outdoor concert tour raising money for UK food banks. For this tour, a contingent of their fans joined them on the road, forming The Robin Hood Convoy. Parading en masse through UK cities, and camping out on beaches and fields across the country, this experiment pushed the limits of what’s possible on the DIY music scene.

The next Robin Hood Tour is scheduled for late May 2024.In March 2024, the band will tour music venues across UK & Ireland, supporting Cam Cole. They will embark on a UK headline tour in October 2024.

Lebron Johnson

Friedrich Ebert Platz

A new face of Black Music in Italy, LeBron Johnson, a singer with a voice at once powerful and refined, a warm and persuasive timbre. Originally from Nigeria class of 1998, he arrived in Italy in 2017. He immediately began attending the Evangelical Church in Ravenna, singing and playing Gospel in the choir. LeBron is inspired at first by Black music, from Soul, to Funk with R&B influences, arranging famous songs to his liking, and then really begins his own journey as a composer. The band is formed in 2021 with Andrea Pititto, aka Andy Pitt, guitarist and creator of the project, Alberto Pavesi on Drums, Paolo Mazzardi on Hammond Organ + Leslie 122 and Davide Medicina on Bass. The project starts from the contamination of Funk/Soul and Blues, with a vein of “independent music”: from this fusion comes a modern sonority, an intense sound, steeped in groove and feeling with original songs and a few Covers of big Bigs, such as Marvin Gaye, Temptations, Nina Simone and today’s artists like Tom Misch and Black Pumas. On October 13, 2023, the band released its first LP, entitled “ANONYMOUS,” under the artistic production of Riccardo Rinaldi aka Ohm Guru (Neffa, Sud Sound System, Colle Der Fomento).

Kevin Holloway Blues Band

Bella Park

As the name suggests, the band Kevin Holloway Trio is fully dedicated to blues music. The band was founded by four colleagues studying jazz at the Mannheim University of Music, all four of whom share a passion for this American folk music. After years of studying jazz, they have dedicated themselves to the musical predecessor through which they first found their way to jazz years ago, following the motto ‘Back to the roots’: The Blues. Old classics are reinterpreted and used as the basis for energetic improvisation. The band’s setlists also include their own songs. But what is the end result? Definitely an evening full of fun, varied songs and a shared celebration of music that simply connects and moves. It’s the blues that moves your shoes!


Bella Park

My name is Lorenzo Gianmario Galli and I am a professional street and on stage performer.

​Born in Torino ( ITALY ) in 1980, I graduated in Industrial Design / Architecture at the Polytechnic University of my home town in 2005. I decided to be a professional performer at the age of 27, as I began to attend the three-year intensive class in Physical Theatre with Lecoq method, at the Philip Radice’s school ( 2007 – 2010 ). Besides this course I have attended, over the years, lots of workshops on topics ranging from clown to commedia dell’arte, from the use of the voice to dramaturgy, from puppetry to music.

Since 2010 I have been looking for my personal expressive language, rather focusing on street acts than in-door theaters. In more than ten years experience, my eccentric one-man-band, called GALiRò, participated to hundreds of events, both out-door and in-door, in Europe, Asia and America.

In addition to this show, which is my main act, I collaborated ( and still do ) with several international companies of street-theatre, variety-theatre, puppetry.

I lived in Granada, SPAIN ( 2011 – 2012 ), in Seoul, SOUTH KOREA ( 2012 – 2013), in Leipzig, GERMANY ( 2013 – 2014 ), and I came back to Turin in 2016, where I am based, right now.

In 2021 I started the “Oriphoea” project by making a short-film, already awarded in the “Animati in video” competition ( Arrivano Dal Mare Festival / Teatro del Drago di Ravenna, ITALY ).

The subsequent parts of the project are currently in creation.

Gambia OneFamily

Bella Park

The energetic “One Family Band” from West Africa brings the hot groove and captivating rhythms to the stage of the Heidelberg Streetmusikal Festival on June 8. With their fast drums, stomping feet and flying Rasta curls, they will thrill the audience and provide unforgettable moments. The band has been an integral part of the regional music scene for almost a decade, delighting audiences with performances at various events in Heidelberg, Mannheim, Schwetzingen and beyond.

The musicians of the “One Family Band” show what West African music and dance really mean. Fallou Mboge and Madi Sarr mainly present their own traditional pieces, which Fallou Mboge composes and writes herself. Known as respected musicians in their native Gambia, they have gathered a number of experienced drummers and percussionists from Senegal, Guinea and other West African countries, who themselves also come from well-known musical families. Madi Sarr impresses the audience with traditional African dances inspired by the Gambian hunting culture, which are already well known on television and at major events in the Gambia.

With their rousing music and passionate dancing, the “One Family Band” guarantees an unforgettable experience for anyone who wants to be carried away by the hot rhythms of West Africa.

Frau Ludwig

Bella Park

With more than 10 years of activity in the international music scene and a diverse, overflowing catalog of artists in her agency, Ms. Ludwig has gotten around a lot musically and knows how to pack this expertise into a crisp DJ set. Cumbia, Swing, Afrobeats, Surf - there’s nothing that doesn’t work. She usually catches her audience off guard - and a little later the whole hall is boiling.